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Just some normal Monday night shopping.

A wonderful spring day in the District for bourbon, BBQ, and bluegrass music at President Lincoln’s old summer cottage.

I’ve been waiting for one of these Amazon Bookstores to pop up in DC for a while. Although I exclusively read books on my Kindle Oasis, I love browsing bookstores.

Absolute max for real world speeds over Wi-Fi on Verizon Gigabit Internet are much slower than direct to router. Partly due to WAP hardware limitations. Still incredibly impressive speeds to an iPhone 7 Plus.

FiOS Gigabit Internet: Crazy speeds from Verizon to my router, but realistic down/up speeds on consumer Wi-Fi hardware is generally below 500/500Mbps. Tempted to upgrade to a mesh system with more radios, since gigabit internet clearly exceeds AirPort Extreme capabilities.